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"Together with human and nature"

INMOK makes people feel the nature in human daily lives with natural wood ingredient and easier livelihood for human being. Inmok promises to make the world where human and nature are closer.

INMOK manufactures luxury furniture, exterior decor of electronic devices, interior decor of vehicle and mobile phone cases made by real, natural, colorful and patterned wood at the first time of the world. we launch smart phone cases, clocks, loud speakers, frames and small furniture such as house hold item with various colors, patterns and styles with our brand 'man & wood'.

We have highly made efforts to broaden range of using Eco-friendly wood products in human lives and these efforts will continue through developing related technique and a study.

We make sure to keep our promise we shall be the top of the world. As the meaning of the man & wood, we shall progress to the future together with human and nature.