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man & wood is the brand name of an eco-friendly product made from real wood through a new
technology by INMOK CO.,Ltd.
INMOK CO.,Ltd uses natural wood as a material to make people feel and be with the nature in their daily lives.
Through this,not only a cozy living environment is created,but it is also creating a world where human and
nature can be closer.
man & wood will make your life more beautiful and lively through its sensible designs and diversity.

Trees and human, Tree Hug!

The love between trees and human- The BI Design,
illustrating the hug of trees and human,contains the idea
of INMOK Co., Ltd of a world where human and nature can exist in harmony


wood-fit,one of the various products of man & wood,regards to smart phone protective cases and related products and has the following features,

As a real-wood product,it is made of natural wood materials with various colors and the natural texture can be felt vividly.

It is a premium product created by sensible designs to conserve the natural texture of the scarcit and beauty of wood.

Electromagnetic wave reducing effects and heat release functions are highly increased through a blending of natural wood and a third material.

It is an environmental-and-human-friendly product made from eco-friendly ingredients and finishing materials.